A properly selected chamois acts as your first line of defence against discomfort during cycling. The wrong pad material, thickness, or coverage area given your preferred riding position can exponentially increase skin irritation, saddle pain, and fatigue. Our chamois specs range from thin and light for racing to multi-density contouring foam tuning and seamless construction for all day epics. We ensure next-to-skin comfort no matter if you’re hammering at the front of the paceline or putting in a solid bunch of base miles.



Racing - 10mm thick

Designed for competition but loved by nearly all cyclists. 10-millimeter, laser-crafted,multi-density, open-cell foam with natural hypoallergenic bamboo yarn. This pad offers a flat surface and additional perineal support.



Long Distance - 12mm thick

Apex pad is designed for hours of comfort in the saddle. 12-millimeter, laser-crafted, multi-density, open-cell foam with Humidity Transition System (H.T.S.) recycled fabric for maximum breathability and support.



All Day Comfort - 16mm thick

Engineered for all-day comfort in cycling shorts, our SHD chamois pad utilizes multi-layer open cell foam to absorb road vibration and prevent saddle fatigue. The 16mm contouring foam cushioning adapts to your anatomy for plush padding mile after mile. Quick-drying Humidity Transition fabric wicks moisture to keep your bike shorts fresh. With extra thickness and rebound, the SHD chamois offers the ultimate in padding protection for marathon cycling.



Riding & Racing - 11mm thick

Crafted specifically for young riders, the multi-layer Sella Kid chamois combines comfort and protection to keep kids smiling mile after mile. Strategic foam densities cushion key contact points while open circulation design whisks moisture to maintain cool dryness. At just 11mm thick, freedom of movement reigns supreme for conquering new adventures on two wheels.



Tri - 5mm thick

Triathlon specific chamois made from thin, high-density Italian foam with rounded laser-cut edges. Thin perineal protection provides enough support for cycling while not being invasive during your run.