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Caring for your Verge cycling apparel properly is vital for optimizing function, aesthetics and longevity. This guide outlines best practices using, washing and storing to extend your kit’s lifetime. Check product labels for additional specifics.

Extend the life of your Verge items.

This guide will help you identify some of the best ways to maintain your items, including best practices for using, washing, and storing.

General Recommendations

Always verify the label of your gear to guarantee following the right procedures.

We advise pre-washing new equipment prior to first use.

Post-activity, hang items openly to ventilate. This prevents bacteria and odors while reducing material degradation risks. If badly soiled, rinse promptly to halt staining. Pre-wash, empty all pockets and secure closures to avoid snags. Flip bibs and jerseys inside-out.

Fill your washing machine to recommended capacity for efficiency. A micro-waste bag may help minimize fibre shedding from textiles.

Wash like-hued gear together avoiding color transfer. Use the coolest water temp possible, conserving annual energy consumption. Choosing a short spin cycle additionally decreases water utilization while still cleansing sufficiently.

Air dry goods when plausible. Most equipment can hang dry. This maintains original shape, prolongs lifespan, and saves energy versus machine drying.

Product Use

When putting on jerseys with gripper sleeves, fold the ends outwards before inserting your arms through. Once fully on, refold grippers inwards securing them into place. This technique also applies to bibs.

We advise pulling jerseys onto your arms by shifting the sleeve up your arm in short, gentle motions near the cuff. We do not recommend yanking from the chest or shoulder area. This guidance also applies to bibs.

Do not pull bib straps over your shoulders before they are completely situated on your legs.

Be sure to employ the guarded zip closures on your jersey as this prevents irritation and potential damage to your athleisure.

  • Do not overfill jersey pockets.
  • Wash bibs and jerseys between sessions (of course).
  • Don’t mix light and dark shades when laundering.
  • Don’t use bleach on our gear.
  • Or fabric softeners.
  • And no hot temperature ironing.

General Washing Instructions

This information guides appropriate item care. Please follow specific label guidance. Many products can be cleaned as follows:

  • Don’t wash with velcro
  • Wash after every use
  • Rinse all mud and muck off the garment
  • Close all zippers
  • Remove all pins and items from the pockets
  • Turn the garment inside out or use a garment washing bag
  • Use detergents free of perfumes and softeners
  • Wash in cold water
  • Use the gentle cycle
  • Hang Dry

Please review exceptions below for specialty care requirements.

DWR Treatment

How to reactivate/re-apply Durable Water Repellency (DWR) finish to your gear:
DWR is a polymer coating increasing surface tension helping water bead and release. This substance is applied to the face fabric of water protection equipment. When wetness no longer sheets off the surface as effectively - it's time to reactivate DWR.

Initial step: Cleaning

First restore DWR water resistance by washing away dirt and stains per label guidance. For further defense, use technical fabric specialized detergent. Post wash, hang dry the gear fully.

Second step: Reactivate DWR

When dry, reactivate DWR by machine drying 20 minutes low/medium heat or ironing gently between a towel at warm temp without steam.

Re-Apply DWR

If steps above fail, reapply DWR spray evenly after washing and hang drying. Give extra spray to high abrasion zones then hang to dry.