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Cycling Long Sleeve Fleece Jerseys

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Synthesizing thermal protection with performance, Caldo apparel sustains race-pace intensities even as the climate bites. The fit balances compression-driven speed with next-to-skin warmth, both trapping heat and yet quickly wick moisture away during intense efforts. Equally capable of adding fight to interval days or delivering KOMs in chilling rains, Caldo defys seasons by being engineered specifically to convert cold day adversity into race day podium potential.


Developed for athletes refusing to let the seasonal shifts in weather impede performance, our Zima apparel system battles plummeting temperatures with an arsenal of thermal weaponry. Soft brushed interior lining retains heat next-to-skin while flexible exterior fabric blocks inbound cold. Equally ready to fuel high intensity intervals or all-day adventures, Zima sustains both optimal warmth and range of motion as the mercury continues dropping.


Blurring lines between technical apparel and comfortable daily wear, our Thermal gear provides versatile insulation for riding in variable conditions. Soft yet heat-retaining brushed interior fabric helps regulate body temperature during workload fluctuations. Prioritizing warmth, coverage and unrestricted mobility, the Thermal series caters to athletes who gauge performance by more wholistic metrics than pace alone - embracing adventures of all types when the temperature drops.




Blending sustainable technical fabrics with relaxed ergonomics and layered fits, Verge Training collections extend workout versatility across weather fronts and seasonal changes without athletic compromise. Priority rests in pragmatic functionality from daily commuting to weekend endurance efforts - where precision metrics take a back seat to pushing personal capabilities through activity enjoyment first and foremost.






Precision-engineered using data-optimized technical textiles and anatomical race-tuned patterning ideal for acceleration and flow dynamics, Verge Performance lines focus squarely on enabling newly heightened speed, efficiency and competitive achievement. Elite winter protection battle the climate while second-skin and articulated profiles carve through wind resistance. Designed to capture marginal gains against intense exertion, iteration by iteration, milestone by milestone - until you cross the finish line first.